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Disruptive Agile

Your Business relies on Clients therefore it only makes sense to take on board what clients have to say. Even better if you can do that from very early stages by testing your 'proof of concept' before investing significant amounts of resources in building a product or a service which might not be wanted by your clients. Agile approaches allow you to fail fast - in early stages - in order to avoid waste of resources. Disruptive Agile allows you to break rules and achieve efficiency much quicker.

Think Outside the Box

A theory is always general. Your business is unique. Would you try to bend real life to a general theory or would you adapt the theory to real life? Our approach is definitely to have you working with us from very beginning in order to identify those approaches which would really benefit your business: we are interested in long term win/win collaborations! From Company Culture to Strategy, Recruitment, Development and Operations, our systemic approach will give you a totally new perspective over your business - new opportunities, new ideas for growth and sky is the limit ...

Services / Method

  • Agile
  • Consultancy
  • Recruitment
  • Scrum
  • Collaboration


Is imperative


Team empowerment

To make decisions


Requirements evolve

But the timescale is fixed


High level requirements

Lightweight and visual


Develop small

incremental releases and iterate



on frequent delivery of products


each feature

before moving onto the rest


apply the 80/20 rule



A collaborative approach

between all stakeholders is essential

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